Posts from GovConDaily for 05/18/2017

NIST Reveals Draft of Cyber-Security Framework

Industry experts and federal employees met at a workshop hosted this week at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland to hammer out the details of the new federal cybersecurity framework draft requested by President Donald Trump in his executive order…
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FCC Votes to Roll Back Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to roll back restrictions on internet providers, commonly referred to as “net neutrality” rules. These regulations were put in place under the Open Internet Order of 2015 during Obama’s presidency…
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LMI Appoints Former CACI Federal VP Mike Flanagan as Southern Virginia Regional Director

Mike Flanagan, formerly vice president of the federal training and warfighter readiness division at CACI International, has joined nonprofit consulting firm LMI as regional director for southern Virginia…
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Dell EMC’s Steve Harris Foresees ‘Integrated Hybrid Cloud’ as Federal Spending Priority Area

Steve Harris, vice president and general manager of Dell EMC‘s federal business, has told MeriTalk in an interview published Wednesday he forecasts that agencies will prioritize investments in integrated hybrid cloud platforms in the next three years as part of information technology modernization efforts…
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Adm. John Richardson: Navy Needs to Increase Fleet Size, Transform Naval Warfare

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson has said the U.S. Navy needs to grow its fleet of combat ships and undergo a naval warfare transformation that would allow the service to fight adversaries in novel ways, Defense News reported Wednesday…
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Senate Staffers Receive Approval to Use Signal Encryption App

The encrypted chat app Signal has been a popular choice with Federal and White House employees that work with sensitive data — and they now have official sign-off to use the app. Although Senate staffers began using Signal for official business in March, Senate Sergeant at Arms Frank J…
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Bipartisan Bill Seeks to Update Vulnerabilities Equities Process

A bipartisan group of five lawmakers has introduced a bill that seeks to add accountability and transparency in the federal government’s vulnerabilities equities process. Sens. Brian Schatz’s (D-Hawaii) office said Wednesday the Protecting our Ability To Counter Hacking Act aims would update the current process for agencies to determine if they should  disclose or withhold vulnerabilities in technology products, applications, services and systems…
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GAO: NASA Executes Acquisition Projects Within Cost, Schedule Estimates

The Government Accountability Office has found that most of NASA’s projects are being implemented within their schedule and cost baselines and that the space agency continues to build up its project management platforms to handle acquisition-related risks…
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DARPA Develops Military System Performance Prediction Tools

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has developed mathematical tools and methods to help designers understand risks associated with the design and modeling of large military systems such as aerospace vehicles and engines…
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Saab Adds New Features to Swordfish Maritime Patrol Aircraft; Gary Shand Comments

Saab has added new mission equipment and expanded the operational payload capacity of its multi-role aircraft offering so as to support a full range of real-world maritime missions. The company said Tuesday recent developments on the Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft include capacities to carry six lightweight torpedoes, the RBS15 anti-ship missile and combinations of torpedo variants…
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Keith Hall: Lawmakers Should Increase Revenue, Reduce Benefit Program Spending to Help Boost Govt Efficiency

Keith Hall, director of the Congressional Budget Office, has said lawmakers need to raise revenues above current projected amounts, decrease spending for major benefit programs or combine such measures to optimize government efficiency…
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VIDEO: U.S. Soldiers showcase rapid deployment skills. Germany

Approximately 600 Soldiers from the Fort Carson, Colorado based 2-12 Infantry, have arrived in Germany to conduct routine Army training, as part of the US Army’s Deployment Readiness program.
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